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Technology is constantly advancing which means that your network security has to work hard to keep your information protected. However, hackers are working just as hard to counteract these security measures. Whether you have personal data stored on a home computer or important projects stored on a work computer, both are susceptible to outside attacks. BourgTech is here to help protect you against the dangers of security breaches with these preventative steps.

I.T. is a common term that many people are familiar with. While the concept of I.T. is well-known, it can be hard to define or understand fully. An I.T. team offers support and advice on everything that is related to information technology. This team can benefit a company or an individual client by delivering reliable technical support and solving complex issues. The services that are offered by an I.T. company can be used at different times and for different reasons. This often depends on the type of client and services needed.

Similar to how antivirus software protects your computer from malware such as unwanted viruses, worms, adware, ransomware, and spyware, a firewall extends this type of protection over your entire network. These breaches in security are usually downloaded unintentionally due to user error. Most of these bugs and viruses are found on untrusted websites and can come attached to wallpapers, links, and application downloads. It is extremely important to have a firewall to help filter out and prevent unwanted malware intrusions on your devices.

When it comes to computer viruses, one thing is for sure: they are not something you want on your computer. These self-replicating programs are designed to infect vulnerable computer systems, often damaging the device or stealing data. They can spread through emails, text messages, internet downloads, or even links on social media. When browsing the internet, it’s a good idea to know how to spot the signs of a virus and take protective measures to prevent your device from being the victim of one.

Technology can be somewhat of a hassle, especially if you don’t fully understand it. When it comes to everyday I.T. services, many people and businesses can benefit from outsourcing an I.T. company. However, when technological issues arise, some hesitate to outsource to an I.T. resource. The result can often make businesses attend to their own issues or leave the issues unattended. To help take the hassle out of technology, consider some of the benefits of utilizing an IT company compared to the costs of alternative options.

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