Network & Wireless

Amplify your systems for a boost in productivity.

We equip you with the tools necessary to level up your business. Our convenient network and wireless IT service ensures your business’s data and systems are secure, efficient, and reliable. We help you take control of your data so you can find comfort in knowing your systems are running smoothly.

At BourgTech, we take care of it all. Our comprehensive network and wireless IT service provides the design, procurement, installation, configuration, and maintenance of various hardware. Our services apply to but are not limited to routers, switches, wifi networks, firewalls, network security appliances, and other related hardware.

To keep your network and wireless systems performing efficiently, we offer comprehensive maintenance after installation and setup. Our maintenance includes tasks such as configuration and troubleshooting of routers, switches, and wireless access points. Our experienced staff will monitor performance, ensuring that devices are secure, and keeping firmware up to date. We also ensure network infrastructure is properly configured for optimal performance and reliability, as well as troubleshooting and resolving any network-related issues that arise. Additionally, maintenance may include testing and replacing components in order to maintain the reliability of the entire system depending on your needs.

Use Firewalls to protect your data from outsiders and insiders.

Control what your employees have access to online. Firewalls provide a first line of defense against cyber attacks, block malicious traffic from entering the network, and can be used to restrict access to certain websites, ensuring employees stay on task. Firewalls also help to protect confidential information, such as customer records, financial data, and corporate plans, from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

One-Stop Shop For IT Expertise

We understand the time and energy it takes to run a business which is why we want to take the weight off your shoulders. BourgTech is your one-stop shop for all IT solutions. Whether you are looking for new systems or you need a skilled team to manage your current systems, BourgTech is here to help. As an IT Managed Service Provider, we are able to act as the hub for all of your IT needs. Have one point of contact for all of your needs, questions, and billing. We understand the time and energy it takes to run a business which is why we want to take the weight off your shoulders. Avoid the hassle of procuring, installing, and managing your own systems. Entrust BourgTech with your IT needs where we exceed expectations and keep your business a top priority.

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